The New Way To Protect Your Bong


Gainesville, FL – March 18, 2019 - - Anchor aims to end the frustration of broken glass with a unique product to protect your pipe. Using Twist-To-Lock, The Anchor is capable of creating industrial strength suction at the turn of your wrist. Secure your glass to almost any smooth, non-porous surface to prevent it from being knocked over or broken during an accident. 


Anchor's attachment system is made with high-quality black oxide steel hardware and slip-resistant silicone straps to allow you to easily switch your Anchor between pieces or remove it during cleaning.

The Anchor is hand-made from wood at our shop in Gainesville, Florida. It is currently offered in three different sizes to fit straight tube bongs or rigs up to 5.8 inches in diameter. See our product page for additional sizing information.


Don’t see a size that works for your piece or have additional questions? Email contact@anchorproduct.comand we would be happy to help you.


We offer a 60-day, no questions asked return policy and full refund if you are not satisfied with your experience as well as $4.00 two-day priority shipping on all domestic orders.



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